Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nadgee Wilderness Coast

Andre Janecki and I spent a week exploring some of the fantastic coastline of The Nadgee Wilderness. We left Eden and headed South - and that was about the only plan we had.

Calm conditions on day one meant we could land in usually hard to get to spots
There was some heavy weather in the preceeding few weeks. Sometimes even the experts falter

At high tide all these rocks were invisible

It seems every beach has its resident goanna - this one was enjoying the dead seal

With heatwave conditions it felt like we were in the tropics - apart from the cold water!

A massive Leatherback Turtle checks Andre out

and then swims under my kayak

Green Cape

and the ocean gave way to a quiet backwater
I followed it to the end
and beyond
We found a cave to sit in during the afternoon thunderstorms
Comfortable in our little cave we were laughing

We discovered some fantastic sea caves

this one went back for some thirty metres and even had little bats!

We turned North and paddled back to Eden
The weather was calm but there were a few squalls which quickly whipped the sea up. Even with low swells and moderate winds some landings and launchings had the heart racing. It would require considerable skill to land at these beaches in anything but the most benign conditions. I was fortunate to have my first experience of this very special bit of coast with Andre who is a highly skilled paddler with a lot of experience in The Nadgee area.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Macro Shots

Underwater Macro with Pentax WP10

Morning tea stop just around the corner from the entrance to Broken Bay
Calm inside - not so outside, the Nor Easters are here!

Bruce McNaughton

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Training Day

John & Pete practice rescues