Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Broughton Island - Up close

Four of us went to Broughton for three days. Fernando really raises the bar when it comes to rock gardening and surfing and its great to have someone along who likes to push the boundaries.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Recent Paddles

01/02/13 Matt, Beat Hausammann and Rob Mercer just before heading our of Malabar in winds to 34 knots. At one stage Beat and I crested a wave only to have the bows catch the wind and move us almost 90 degrees! A capsize and roll followed by a broach ride into the beach was a fitting end to this short but intense session.
03/02/13 Ferando, Raewyn Duffy and me went from Frenchmans Beach to Botany Bay in some pretty big seas. I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't anxious as I was almost capsized a couple of times when caught out with braking waves on top of big swells. Total trip time was 3.5 hours beach to beach.
Dragomir catches the rebound off one of my favourite bits of cliff just south of Diamond Bay (club trip 3/11/12)

On a "calm" day I rode the surge over a rock into a little pool on the other side just to the north of North Head. Rob snapped this first attempt. It was on going in at another spot that my bow got caught in a little ledge and caused me to endo into the rock garden that you can see Fernando already in. Lucky I didn't snap the bow off my boat!