Friday, March 22, 2013

Rock n Roll 2013

Saturday we went out past Boondelbah and then around Cabbage Tree and back around Fingal Head
Campbell, Mark, Nigel and me
Saturdays strong group
windy conditions on Sunday didn't stop my group from getting to the other side

Nigel Foster talks
Bronwyn, Nigel  & Roy
The Legendary Nigel Foster - bow draws never did it for me until I saw Nigel using them to great effect in 25-30 KNOTS!

Well done to Campbell and the NSWSKC Committee on a fantastic Rock n Roll. Together with new club member and qualified Sea Guide Josh Andrews we led three trips, Saturday we went around Boondelbah, accross Cabbage tree along Yaccabah head and back in. Sunday we did lots of excercises in the wind before slugging it accross to the other side where we landed for a snack. Monday we went to Fingal spit for a bit of a play before sailing back.

Josh was the only one who dared enter the slots when there was such big long period swell about.