Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hawkesbury Classic 2007

The Hawkesbury Classic. If you love paddling you'll love this event!

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic

Classic night is one long night

Mark with his ground crew & wife Catherine. At least one of them looks to be having fun.

Wismans Ferry round midnight
What a night - Mark did it in 12:07 with a short break and I did it in 12:22 non stop. Next time I'm doing it in a Mirage 580 or some other fast boat. Last time it took me 12:57 (including a 30 min stop) using a wing paddle. This time I used a flat blade - conclusion - wing or flat makes no difference when paddling a sea kayak! I felt much less fatigued when I finished this time which I also attribute to the flat paddle.

All photos in this post (Hawkesbury Classic 2007) by Steve Tarrant. Thanks for ground crewing Steve!

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