Saturday, November 29, 2008

Botany Bay to Double Bay

As neither of us had been doing much paddling lately we thought we'd get back into it with a decent trip. We organised to put in at the very convenient Frenchman's Beach at La perouse and hit the water at 11.30. It was pretty blowy and we had to work hard to get to Cape Banks but once there we turned northward and, with a good wind behind us literally took off. I hoisted sail and had a fantastic time riding waves. Mark Schroeder was also flying along at a good rate, so fast a paddler he doesn't need a sail.

Spot the Schroeder

a 20 Knot South Easter made for great paddling conditions and we landed at Bondi Beach two hours after launching.

Another hour and we were at South Head. The final harbour leg took over an hour of hard slugging into what seemed like very strong winds to our finish spot at Double Bay.

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