Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Broughton Island

Broughton Island - 24 & 25th of May.

Whilst inside a gauntlet a wave came through. There was only one thing to do - paddle like hell! Lucky for me I got up just enough speed to get through.

Rough conditions going out through Port Stephens

James Johnson

steep waves, almost standing

rounding the north east point of Broughton Is.

Esmeralda Cove

Ian Vaile
Mark Schroeder takes on the slot. Moments after he goes through it turns to froth but luckily he makes it through without splitting his head open (as happened to Commodore Mike).

We turn towards home to witness a humpback do a full breach right in front of us. A whale then goes in close to Cons Cleft.

We paddle back to Port Stephens at a fast pace - and finish off a fantastic two days. Photos by Matt, Ian & Mark.


schroeds said...

the photographer coughed up the goods this time eh matty!

Matt said...

Good shot Schroeds, too bad I didn't get one of you busting through the mayhem on the inside of Cons Cleft.