Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Secret Seaside Gardens - No 1

A calm start to our days paddling

TJ reminisces his days as skipper of The Ted Noffs

South Head local Gunter - One of the most successful people I know
I've paddled past here countless times and never landed

until today

TJ timing his move

A seldom visited part of Sydney

a closer look reveals a whole micro environment

of specialised plants and mosses

and even tadpoles!

time to leave Cockatoo Cove
As those who paddle past here would know there is a flock of resident Cockatoos who nest in the nooks and cranny's of the cliff just South of Blue Fish Point. Cockatoos, like all Australian Parrots need hollows to nest in. This is a big problem because there are very few hollows left around Sydney and those that do remain are fiercely contested for by the likes of indian myna's, european honey bee's, black rats and so on. It is heartening to see some cockatoos are adapting to the shortage of hollows and migrating to the cliffs - or maybe, like us kayakers, they just prefer to be by the sea.

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