Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hybrid 550

Andre Janecki's garage is full of brand new Hybrid 550 Sea Kayaks

I know Andre is a perfectionist who has put his heart and soul into these exceptionally good looking new sea kayaks. With its myriad of kayak firsts, integrated rudder and flawless build quality I might have to have one.

The boat just screams out for serious open water kayaking and expeditioning. I hope I can begin the next chapter of my kayaking journey in The Hybrid 550.

I've just got to take it for a paddle!


Eastern Horizon said...

It is very good that a local kayaker is applying their considerable knowledge to designing and manufacturing kayaks.

It would be better still if the kayak was manufactured locally so as to support the development of local kayak manufacturing skills - but I understand the significant financial constraints associated with such an approach.

Best wishes for the success of this excellent venture.

HYBRID Kayaks Australia said...

Hello Eastern Horizon,
Thank you for you comment regarding the design.
I chose the manufacturing location primarily because the destiny of the HYBRID 550 is a world wide one. Shipping containers by sea is not as good as locally made, but at the same time the huge amount of electricity needed for oven baking in this region, is in large part, provided by nuclear plants. I hope it will be successful, because the $500 donation from each sale will greatly help the UNLIMITED project.
Andre Janecki

Eastern Horizon said...

Your method of offshore manufacture / production highlights a significant problem faced by local industries of all types.

For the handful of local kayak designers and manufacturers who struggle on in the face of high local material and labour costs and a strong Australian dollar that limits opportunities for exporting the future is looking tough.

The competition for kayak market share from cheaper Estonian, Welsh, and Chinese imports will either drive these local Australian manufacturers out of the business or force them to manufacture offshore too. To my thinking that will be a shame if it occurs because it would be better to have a vibrant kayak manufacturing industry here.

It would seem that the tide is running hard against the locals.

malacoota mal said...

More china made kayaks? most of the china boats I have seen are nice on the hull, so poor on the fittings, and break in our big waves. This boat costs so much for china made, even more than epics and local makes? I think it looks like mirage copy for sure, but more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Unfair! Not all China boats are crap, Epics are quite good, but also expensive, so go figure on that? Maybe China is now an expensive place for making kayaks? Epics are $4000 plus plus, now this one is very expensive also. Are these guys making a motza? Agree on the Mirage copy, looks so like the rudder from the Mirage, but why not copy a good idea? Good luck selling these boats Eastern Horizon.
Bruce W.

Eastern Horizon said...

Bruce W,

I'm correcting what seems to be a mis-understanding ... the Hyrbid 550 kayak is being developed and sold by Andre Janecki and his business (HYBRID Pty Ltd).

Eastern Horizon is an interested observer only.

Andrew said...

I think it is a great looking kayak, i'd be happy to give it some publicity.