Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shaan Crosses Bass Strait Solo

Shaan Gresser has completed a Solo crossing of Bass Strait. Although a great feat in itself theres a lot more to it than just the crossing. Bass Strait doesn't give itself up easily to a kayaker and Shaan's crossing was no exception. 19 days it took her and this I believe was her second attempt this year after being thwarted by weather earlier. Shaan also came back from a kayaking related shoulder dislocation last year. With guts and tenacity like Shaan's it was only a matter of time before she bagged the Bass and became the first girl to do so solo.

Congratulations Shaan - Your an inspiration!


Mark Sundin - Expedition Kayaks said...

Brilliant! I do believe she's the first woman to do it solo? Awesome stuff Shaan, looking forward to hearing the report.

Steve said...

Well done Shaan-met Shaan on Roydon Island during her voyage. We kept tabs on how she went and hear she got the royal treatment on Flinders.

Congrats and well done.

Steve Cronin

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Shaan, your stealth mission stands in stak contract with the recent surfski crossing which described their passage as "conquering the Everest of the seas" except they did theirs with a support boat meaning no navigation or logistics or load carrying, or worrying about water or currents or getting a weather forecast or even whether they had it in them to reach to next landfall or other words a trip that required a zero level of commitment but is described as a massive feat.

You show what it is to be a REAL adventurer.

Looking forward to catching up. Mark S PS nice looking boat behind you in Matty's pic ;)