Sunday, January 12, 2014

Yakima Roof Racks

Although I don't like endorsing commercial stuff The YAKIMA showboat is one product that makes loading and unloading my heavy sea kayak a breeze - especially after a big paddle! Lifting kayaks on and off cars causes a lot of injuries and if I'm going to get kayak related injuries I want to get them at sea, not in the carpark!

The Yakima Whisbar System can take conventional cradles or J-Racks
Instead of lifting your kayak off you simply slide out the rear roller bar to the side
Place the stern out onto the extended roller

Lower the bow (if your not on sand just throw down a towel)

Four effortless steps and your kayak is ready to drag into the water.
To put it back just drag or carry your boat to your car and reverse the steps. I find its not so much the weight of the kayak but the height of my forester (and lack of height of me) that makes loading and unloading difficult. This system makes it really easy to load and unload the kayak on my own and because I'm never lifting the full weight I can leave safety equipment, pump batteries and other bits and pieces in the boat instead of having to completley empty it every time I need to get it on and off the car.


JulesT said...

Hi Matt - I made something like this in september 2013 see here
Would be interested in your views on the Pace 17 as I'm thinking of getting one.

JulesT said...

Wont post my email here - I'm julest on the sea kayak forum but as mentioned would be great to hear your thoughts on the Pace 17

John Bond said...

I like the kayak. I wanted to get a new mount for my car to put mine up but I don't know how to install it. I am thinking of buying a new car soon so I may just get it with one installed. Unless someone knows where to get one in Adelaide?
John Bond |

Lilly Jamison said...
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