Thursday, August 27, 2015

A weekend in the wilderness - without leaving town!

Boat packed, trolley ready, time to get away to the wilderness for the weekend.  
Traffic was heavy getting out of town
Met Mark Schroeder on the way and we found a nice place to land, with an ideal campsite right next to the sea!
We set up camp in our remote cove and cooked dinner to the sound of waves and a chorus of frogs!  
Mark has a free standing tent
I don't
but my view from the bedroom was pretty good
We saw a whale, dolphins, a seal, albatross and a green sea turtle. The other bonus is there was no phone reception!
On Sunday we checked out another possible wilderness camp spot to the south of the heads before heading back to Sydney - even though we'd never really left!


Ian Vaile said...

Perfect weekend away.

Anonymous said...

Good one Matt.
Regards Bron

Anonymous said...

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- Gustavo Woltmann

Walter Angler said...

Definitely enticing to see your expedition with such a scenic spots!

williams said...

I can sense that you had a great weekend!!